The passion for quality, a long tradition Atela

Our business is GALVANOPLASTIE

Founded in 1959, Atela is a company specializing in chemical surface treatment. Our management 2nd generation can count on a team of particularly effective specialized staff whose primary focus is the attention to detail, to ensure treatment of very high quality. Atela is particularly fired Chemical nickel plating process Kanigen® that revolutionized the world of Electroplating.

Our high processing capabilities, related to our experience of over fifty years and in very short delivery times allow us to offer our customers a unique service. Our customers are active in many areas of industry, such as parts for the injection of plastic or textile machinery, parts for pumps, shears blades, blade edge for coating paper, etc… We are also active in the areas of performance, like motor racing, for Formel One and Moto GP Teams…

Treatment on all substrates

As electroless nickel composite specialists and deposits since 1959, we can apply treatments on all substrates such as stainless steel, steel, cast iron, Coppery, Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Carbon Fibre, etc & hellip;

Electroless nickel, used in particular for the engineering industry, has excellent penetration, covering like a second skin parts, providing perfect protection against corrosion. This high hardness deposition, can be further improved by heat treatment, is to incorporate fine hard particles in the electroless nickel coating to increase the hardness, wear resistance and abrasion. In the case of soft particles, such as Teflon, it can increase the sliding capacity and anti-slip.

We propose a range of coatings and tribological deposit improving the sliding properties or the increase of roughness, for example with the incorporation of diamond grains either for knife sharpeners or machinery industry in clutch members.


  • Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, Atela SA remains open as usual and continues to honor its customers' orders. 18.03.2020
  • Installation of our new plating line for precious metals. 16.03.2018
  • New tank Electro-polishing of stainless steel. Brilliant, deburring, corrosion resistance 26.09.2016
  • Stick coatings on titanium. Increase tribological properties. NiP + Au / Ti to watch 26.09.2016
  • Black electroless nickel 26.09.2016
  • Do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email with any questions or special requests. We will be happy to assist you.

More than a subcontractor Atela your R&D partner

Subcontracting activities

  • Traitement de surface ♦ Galvanotechnique ♦ R&D
  • Spécialistes du Nickel Chimique ♦ Applications fonctionnelles et techniques ♦ Petites et grandes séries ♦ Jusqu’à 2200 mm et 1500 Kg
  • Dépôt Nickel Chimique → KANIGEN ♦ Résistance à la corrosion ♦ Dureté ♦ Amagnétisme ♦ Résistance à l’usure ♦ Recharge jusqu’à 2 dixième ♦ Respect des cotes ♦ Précision de l’épaisseur de couche
  • Dépôts de Nickel Chimique Composite Avec inclusion de particules de céramique SIC → SICANIP ♦ Très haute dureté ♦ Très haute résistance à l’usure ♦ Protège contre la corrosion
  • Dépôts de Nickel Chimique Composite Avec inclusion de particules autolubrifiantes → LUBRINIP PTFE / HBN ♦ Glissement ♦ Antiadhésion ♦ Lubrification à sec
  • Dépôts de Nickel Chimique Composite Avec inclusion de grains de Diamant → DIANIP C2 / G13 / G35 / G50 ♦ Rugosité, friction, entrainement, préhension, abrasion, dureté.

Examples of applications

  • Rattrapage de cotes 200 microns → SAV machine CN
  • KANIGEN® Haut Phosphore sur Acier → Capteurs de précision
  • KANIGEN® Haut Phosphore sur Aluminium
  • Electro-polissage sur Inox → Ebavurage, brillance
  • Traitement anti-usure sur Inox → SICANIP + KANIGEN® pour l'industrie de la papeterie
  • Traitement sélectif Dianip G13 sur aluminium → Moto GP
  • Traitement SICANIP Anti-usure → Moule pour injection plastique
  • Traitement DIANIP G13 → Posage pour préhension
  • Traitement DIANIP G13 sur TITANE → Augmentation du couple de frottement
  • Traitement DIANIP G50 → Pour les limes horlogères
  • Traitement DIANIP C2 + Lubrinip HBN → Tenue usure + autolubrification pour les buses injection
  • Traitement Antiadhésif LUBRINIP PTFE sur Aluminium
  • Traitement Nickel chimique noir mat anti-reflet
  • Dépôt NICORAL sur Connecteurs Aluminium → Haute tenue à la corrosion + Glissement + couleur anthracite
  • Epargne → Traitement sélectif sur pièces de machine-outil

Our different surface treatment processes

DIANIP Friction shims

Diamond friction shims

Noble metal coatings

Noble metal coatings for the optic industry


Process for the functional coating of ferrous and non-ferrous materials (Electroless Nickel)


Composite electroless nickel deposit resistant to wear and abrasion


Composite electroless nickel deposit sliding and self-lubricating


Composite deposit non-stick chemical nickel

DIANIP composite coatings

Diamond nickel layers increasing the frictional resistance

Black Nickel

Machine Vision - Light absorption - Heat transfer - Electrical conduction


F180 corundum