ATELA The company was founded in 1959 by Mieczyslaw Osowiecki, Dr. Ing. Chemist. Put her creativity and knowledge with the industry by creating a laboratory workshop: was the motto.

The same year, 1959, is dismissed ATELA revolutionary process of electroless nickel KANIGEN®.


In 1964, the treatment of épilamage Osowiecki the culmination of research on watch stones. This treatment was intended to improve lubrication of watch movements. Subsequently, the activity was directed towards the chemical nickel outsourcing and developments or composite deposits chemical nickel matrix.


In 1984, following the death of Mr Osowiecki, his son Jacques took over the company becomes public limited company SA in 1986.


3 employees in 1984, the company passes to 6 in 1996, moving to its new premises.


Currently ATELA SA holds 8 people and offers a full range of treatments in chemical nickel or composite coatings that provide solutions to most problems of wear, abrasion, sliding or corrosion encountered on metal parts from all areas of the machine industry.


Launch of new website.

Structure 2016

Company's director J. Osowiecki
Responsible production M. Guillemin
Workforce 12 employees
Quality system Yes


Arrival of new directors since Oct. 2017 G. Osowiecki and C. Placi.

Structure 2019

CEO J. Osowiecki
COO G. Osowiecki
Director of Finance & Administration C. Placi
Chief of Production M. Guillemin
Employees 13
Quality system Yes (in phase of ISO 9001 certification)


The third generation takes over the company Atela

In Oct. 2019, Mr. Gaël Osowiecki and Mr. Cédric Placi successfully completed their Management Buyout and became owners of the share capital of Atela SA through their holding company Atrigen SA.