Detail the different production cycles

Dry cleaning

First phase of our production, the vapor degreasing operation room is a technology without release of toxic vapor, not harmful to the environment and employees.


Sandblasting is a first surface of the state of activation operation parts adhesion promoting coatings.

Protection / savings

A protective lacquer is applied for a selective treatment of pieces per area.


The assembly of workpieces, on specific media, is an essential element to ensure uniform treatment.


Our capabilities in chemical nickel are important, with means of lifting up to two tonnes and a tank containing two thousand liters and can accommodate parts up to two meters in length.

Research and development

Our primary partner of our subcontractors customers because the work are from developments orchestrated in collaboration with the customer. Many contracts were concluded in collaboration with EPFL, the CSEM or CERN…

Sanitation / waste

We are in constant contact with the Office of the environment that we regularly provide analysis reports effluent performed in our physicochemical treatment station.

Our different surface treatment processes

DIANIP Friction shims

Strengthens torque transmission & Lightens a mechanical assembly

Noble metal coatings

Noble metal coatings for the optic industry


Process for the functional coating of ferrous and non-ferrous materials (Electroless Nickel)


Composite electroless nickel deposit resistant to wear and abrasion


Composite electroless nickel deposit sliding and self-lubricating


Composite deposit non-stick chemical nickel


Diamond nickel layers increasing the frictional resistance

Black Nickel

Machine Vision - Light absorption - Heat transfer - Electrical conduction


F180 corundum